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Originally Posted by Kamalayan
Mine is a 3660 but i dont know if theres a difference in the output produced (MONO) so i dont think its a phone issue, Player wise i have UltraMp3 as well. Sucked meant low volume (lower than whats fair) and a bit like AM radio sound. Have you tried on different MP3 songs cause maybe the encoding of that cetain mp3 made it exemptional among others. Give this a shot first then again tell me if its still the same. Would really love a few extra space as I have quite a lot of mp3 a small space to squeeze em in. Cheers.
I really wish that it has no phone issue here.. Nwei you said when you say "sucked" that means "a bit like AM radio sound". Hmmm... I haven't hear my mono - 6600 that sounds like a FM radio even if i play the original mp3 file. Which mean, even you play the ungenetically mp3 file (original file) you shall still hear the AM radio quality bcoz its mono.

I think this is subject to many understandings. Mine is that the one that I produced has no any difference with the original mp3 file 4 or 5 MB or so