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Originally Posted by Kamalayan
Question, whats the bit rate u used? Is that Audiograbber ur using? Below 48kbps on mine sucked so a little bit of compression might help me maximize space on a 128mb card. By the way im using dbpoweramp. Why not share your knowledge on this Kabayan?

I would love to, but what if the sound is not good according to others? I just want to give this software a fair treat. anyways, well according to what you have said, "Below 48kbps on mine sucked" what phone are you using then? and what do u mean by "sucked"? Is the voice is not heard enough? Or the sound is too shaky or static can be heard?

The bitrate of my reproduced mp3 is 32kbps with the highest level of frequency. Playing it on a 6600 phone has no difference at all compare to the original file.