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Originally Posted by YuHLuN
hey dude...may i know what software are you using to strink the mp3 without losing the quality?
As of now, i would not mention the name of the software to avoid being commercialized, and beside i am not that sure if it does not loose the quality of the music that's why i am asking someone to evaluate it on their phone.

However, if you will listen the reproduced mp3 file on your media player or real player, the quality will be far away from the original.

That's why i am so amazed when i transferred it on my phone and it produced a nice sound like the original one with 5mb size.

email me and i'll send you the file.

Note: Please do not compare the sound quality to your regular dolby regular cd player. Yah know... mobile phone quality. Just compare it to the original MB size mp3 file that is being played over your phone.

Just like:

Original 5Mb mp3 file == compare to ==> 800kb EQUALLS -> SAME (if played in mobile)