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I would like to express my highest kudos to Epocware and whoever write this awesome piece of software. I am a Psion user and still use a netBook untill now. Infact, this reply is written using a netBook. One thing I really miss in my P800 is the Data program which is highly customisable and very useful for a person like me who has a lot of things to be remembered. To save me from my short term memory, of course :-)

The interface is somewhat similar or familiar to Psion's Data, the menu, the navigation, etc. I really feel like using a modern version of my Psion. I have just downloaded the demo version and havent explored everything yet. But what I have found so far are really impressive.
Keep up the good work, guys!!!

Hats Off!!!

I will review this software and try to compare it with Psion's Data. Will be uploaded in the near or not so near future in

Salute to Epocware!!!