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Originally Posted by steed
Originally Posted by J2theIZZO
Nothing against guest posts personally, it's just a shame that a few w****ers have to spoil it.

ok here is somthing J2theIZZO will be really happy to know ....
i have tested the CamcoderV1.0Beta1 and my advice is this dont get it dont look for it i think some one is trying a verry stupid joke becose the app whit in 120 minutes ur battery is on empty from full and this is when u dont use the phone (on standby ) if u use it then is 30 min and the batt is gone empty so forget this CamcoderV1.0Beta u will not be happy whit it for now just wait for the real version dont be like me ops: ops:
Yeah, i tried that beta. My battery drained up SUPER ULTRA FAST! I uninstalled it and it works ok again!, save it, nothing special, you may want to try it but I dont think you wanna keep it in your phone.