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Originally Posted by rob.
i just got the (UK) nokia 7610, but im not sure if it is working properly. when i first started the phone after a very very long boot i couldnt access the menu at all, only the camera and the battery meter wasnt present. i turned the phone off, checked the sim was in ok, replaced the battery and started it again, but the boot was very slow still ("nokia" is written in the bottom of the screen for at least 15-20 secs, then the screen flicks off and back on to the nokia thing again, then the orange logo appears etc. and it goes to the normal screen) but then i could access the menu properly and battery bar was full. if anyone else who has this phone could tell me if theirs does the same, or and advice about the dodgy first boot, it would be greatly appreciated

ps. also, in the menu if i go to the top and press up, it doesnt drop to the bottom of the menu. i was aware this was an improvement in the OS used in this phone. anyone any ideas?
Think of it as a small computer, it needs to do a full boot up when it has been shutdown, just like the desktop you're sitting in front of right now... Symbian is much like you're ordinary windows with a registry base, *.exe and startup files...
And as your computer does not within 1 minute, why should your phone? - It only has 150 mhz, and you comp has what? - 2ghz?
So of course it's slow, but not that slow, my 7610 boots in 25-35 seconds whilst my comp takes 1-2 minutes to boot...
They "forgot" to implement the "push up and go to the bottom or vice versa" in the menu itself, but in selection options you can do it...
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