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Symbian Software

Is it just me or is this whole mobile phone software thing getting out of hand with no real method:

For example I bought an application through Handango, and then needed to reinstall it. well I could find the file to download. I had lost the reg key. Where do I get that from. And it seems Handango and the software company don’t keep records of your purchase so it took many emails and me having to show proof of using the package before they would send the key again.

Another time I purchased a PV Player from Handango, and entered the key. It didnt work. I tried emailing and calling but no answer and I needed the package there and then. so I tried to purchase it again in fear that I had entered my IMEI number incorrectly but it spat out the same key. About 30 emails later through the automated service system I got the correct key but I had paid for the app twice and got no use from it for the first two months.

Also this whole thing about trial apps is great, I mean I come from a generation of people who have never had to pay for software. Lets face it if you couldn’t get a copy of it you just wouldnt have it. However I tried out the Trial version of flexicam having heard about the image quality but the trial version (no matter what setting you use) only spits out the lowest res images. So I trawled the web to find that the previous version before was freeware and showed me what I wanted to see.

however if it hadnt had been for a comprehensive review on this forum and trawling the web for a proper trial then I wouldn’t have looked twice as this app - which is one of the few which does deserve attention.

I do realise that IMEI registering is a very good system to protect software, but for how long? I mean I can understand not just releasing serial numbers for software as these small time developers would get nothing from it - but hackers do find ways and they will do soon...

By far the best trial I have ever used are the Nokia Try before you buy ones which allow three full programs uses before expiring, because lets face it if you cant use the whole program then how do you know you will need it - I think overprotecting the software for the sake of the small time people also stops them getting the recognition for a great piece of software.

And finally - how stupid is it that you cannot port software over to another phone. Quite simply this is ridiculous. People update their phones so often nowadays that we will be spending hundreds of pounds every year on the same apps. It also means that some of the small time apps which you may not renew might get lost forever.

I mean I emailed one company about a new reg key as I got a new phone through my insurance as the last one was damaged (should phone insurance now cover application loss as well?) and they obliged but again it took a few emails and some not in my native language.

My main problem is that for what is already a huge market especially with gaming software and will be one of the biggest software revolutions of all time I think its built on very weak foundations, some people need to step in with new mobile software piracy laws or guidelines, a unique way similar to Nokia's so that full trials can take place and to ensure that (because you are not purchasing a hard copy) sites like handango keep records of all purchases with serial numbers, links to download software again and ability for the user to change this information (maybe allowing say three IMEI ports a year to account for damaged phones and upgrading)....

...So who wants to start a company?

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