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Beware S60 3.1 Users

I wouldn't sign up straightaway if you have a S60 3.1 phone. The system imports your old sportstracker account information when you register, but there is no app for the S60 3.1 phones yet.

This means you have to carry on using the old system, but you have already imported, so any new workouts won't be in the new system.

Unfortunately I learnt this the hard way. As no date has been set for the S60 3.1 version to be released I started looking for alternatives.

I found which I'm really happy with. It has a text to speech system which is great. There is a peptalk feature where friends can send you messages while you are running and they are converted to a voice. Also your get a summary/target converted to speech every Km/mile. Best of all it is available for all phones, Android, iPhone and symbian so all my friends and family use it now.

Thanks Sports Tracker for giving us the bare minimum of information and leaving us all guessing as to what will happen. It made me look for an alternative, and I found one which is better in a lot of ways. See ya...