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Help needed!! Nokia 603

I am a newbie here, though I lurked for a long time. I joined for a very urgent reason.
I have been using Nokia 603, running the latest version of Symbian, but I have noted that the memory on my phone is disappearing. I save all my stuff on my memory card, and don't use the c drive for any purpose, but I notice that the space keeps reducing. I am now left with only 3 mb on my c drive. I want to know how can I create more space on my phone? there is no data on my c drive that can be transferred to the memory card.
I did take my phone to a Nokia Care, but the engineer there said something on the lines of doing a complete restore, in which I would lose all data. isnt there an easier way? I installed the X-plore app, but wasn't sure which file I should delete to create space. there are a lot of .dat files in my cache (I watch a lot of videos online). are these safe for deleting? Help would be greatly appreciated.