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hi, thanks for your replies.

I do use opera mini, but it doesn't support Flash, so if for example I want to watch something streaming on BBC Sport website, basically I can't, even on WIFI, but my wife can on her HTC Desire ( oops isnt there something in the T&Cs that say we can't mention the demon OS )

on the replies, I still think a device such as this using such an old browser, with the random issues users are reporting is "shocking" as it should hve had the new browser from the outset.

Trust me, I love Nokia phones, but should we really be treated this way wrt. FW updates ? these top end devices don't come cheap, and you expect them to do what they say on the adverts. Even though I know that some people may not experience the same issues as me, am I asking too much for my web browser to work properly.