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Originally Posted by clonmult View Post
Opera is as good as any other browser out there, and whilst the UI of the stock browser isn't that great, it does work - there is absolutely no way it can be described as "shocking". It offers features that iOS doesn't - flash video support on pages is pretty damn cool.

The N8 on release was a reliable, dependable and solid bit of kit. There's nothing fundamentally wrong with it at all.

I barely get any crashes, jitter or freezing, and it does tend to render pages fairly fast either over 3G or WiFi.

As for the dates of the PR2.0 release, Nokia have never given out any dates for its release, you're just reading and believing too many rumours from blog postings.
Opera crashes all the time on my C7. It is way better than the native browser, but lets not beat around the bush, web browsing is abominable on symbian^3.

Opera is nowhere near as good as the browser on an HTC wildfire, which isn't HTC's flagship, it's not even their 2nd or 3rd in line to the throne!

If web browsing and being first in line for new games isn't your priority, then symbian^3 phones have lots to offer, but let's not bs ourselves or each other, symbian^3 is crap for web browsing (apart from BBC iPlayer where it rocks)