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Unhappy is there a definite date for PR2.0 ?

Hi Guys... please help me as Iam at the end of my tether here....

I have had Nokia phones for years, and have patiently waited every time for the new firmwares for each phone cos the initial launch FW wasn't up to scratch...

I recently had the use of a samsung omnia i8910 HD and I loved it, but again, no support from samsung, or Nokia on the OS front, so I went down the custom ROM route.... very successfully and I was very happy with it.....but I was waiting for the lots of people.

I got it back in November 2010 and love the phone except for the browser.

I can't believe Nokia have the nerve to advertise this phone as a smartphone when the web browsing experience is so utterly shocking.

I am rapidly reaching the end of my patience, which, over the years has been stretched by Nokia's constant inability to provide solid, reliable and relevant firmware updates...ON TIME...
Instead, what you get is a phone which should be one of the best available but you need to wait for 6 months for it to still not quite be one of the best available

can anyone out there tell us when this blasted PR2.0 firmware update will be available...? I heard February, then March, now.... it's looking like MAY.

I am not joking when I say this is just simply ridiculous. They rope us in with the big camera and xenon flash, fancy advertising videos and posters, but something as simple as web browsing (using a 2-3 year old browser ) is almost unusable as it crashes, jitters, freezes during streaming, basic page rendering seems to take ages, on wireless or 3G, if you are lucky to be able to do it in the first place.

So please, please please.... can someone tell me when PR2.0 will be out with the all new and shiny browser....? if it is going to be May, then I am done and the phone will reluctantly be on eBay very shortly.

thanks in advance for your help.