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Quick Help : Ovi Maps on Satio (issues/doubts/guides)

Hi There,

...The thing is i'm desperate to have OVI MAPS on my Satio, hence Google Maps needs contant GPRS to work with. and now i'm very much in need of having an Offline Map program with me all the time.

But guess i'm stil not sure if its gonna be a good idea to hack Satio in order to install Ovi Maps in it, therefore here are my doubts about it:

(Please be patient with me, as i'm new to the hacking topic)

1: Appearently i have to SIGN the HelloOX2 with help of a chinees website (called as OPDA or OPTA), at the first step they will obtain my IMEI and afterwards they'll send me a CER & a KEY. that later i have to Sign my HelloOX2 before sendint it to my phone.

Yet i'm not sure if its a safe idea to give away my IMEI, i've read a couple of stories about theft IMEI's, So do you think if i could trust OPDA? or it they ever try to abuse my IMEI, what would be the worst scenario?

2: Do you happen to know how th hacked phone will behave? i'm hoping hacking and installing Ovi Maps wont turn my phone into a nightmare. (hence those softwares are not official and the phone is literally hacked at that point), i'm worried if hacking would decrease Satio's overal performance or KILL it at worst.

3: I've already found a hacked version of Ovi Maps (V3.01 for S60.V5), guess if the hacking proccess goes right, then i can freely install Ovi Maps on my Satio.

So despite the fact that i made a research about this matter, i'm still not sure how i can accurately do the hacking proccess? i mean, i'm still till this point that i have to LOG IN to OPDA, and they will send me a CER & and a KEY after 48hours, BUT i'm not sure what i should do as for the next step? Do you happen to know a STEP-BY-STEP guide for hacking Satio? I dont know whats the use of CER & KEY, or how i could Sign HelloOX2 before sending to my phone.

4: Finally i believe for a successful hacking proccess i'm in need of a program called as ROMPATCHER, which i should use it with HelloOX2, do you know what's that? or where i could find it? Does it needs to be Signed with OPDA as well?

THANKS ALOT in advance for paying attentiont to my message