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igor emmerich
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P910 does not sync ical

Hi there,
I have a 1.5 GHz powerpc G4 and I run 10.3.5. I have isync 1.5, and all the apple aplications are the latest versions. I also have a .mac account.
I recently bought a sony ericsson P900 mobile phone with the sole purpose of being able to sync my address book and to dos and calendar. I checked on your website and it says you suport this phone.
I can synchronise the address book no problem between both devices. But I can't sync the ical with the phone. The only way to install info is from the computer to the phone when you choose 'reset all devices' from the devices menu.

How can I solve this problem?

P.S. the phone has been paired to the computer, appears on the isync window and both devices communicate via bluetooth.

Thanks for your help,