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Originally Posted by shawn

i have a laptop with wi-fi is it possible to share this connection via bluetooth to my SE P900 ?? n wht is the solution ??

States: "It is very simple. All you have to do is: "

for Bluetooth (assuming that you already paired your Px00 and your PC and configured the connection for being used without confirmation), simply enable appropriate Bluetooth serial ports (usually COM3 and COM4) on your PC using "Phone Connection Link" Preferences. With newer BT software you can simply select "Quick Connect -> Serial Port" and choose the Px00 from the devices list. As soon the Bluetooth icon on your P800/P900 shows that the communication has been established, you can launch any Internet program on your Px00 and start using the Internet connection of your PC.

for USB connection, simply put your phone on its craddle paying attention that no Internet connection on your phone is active. Your phone will use the Internet connection of your PC automatically.

Note: Not every program is able to use your PC's connection. While most 3rd party programs work that way without any problems, the built in WWW browser and the Messaging application work with GPRS/dial-up connection of your phone only. Use Opera and some third party email program (like EmailViewer) instead.