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web browsing speed......

how is the web browsing speed , when using wifi?
is it smooth, and fast?

are you able to scroll the page before it fully loads, or does it still hang the phone , just like any 5800. and you must wait until most of the page is loaded before you can scroll the web page.

how does the web browser compare to ipod..... when flash is switched off. is it any smoother with flash switched off?

being an internet phone, im pretty disappointed that, nokia didn't do much to the browser except give it kinetic scrolling. the browsers main issue was that 1. couldn't load pages with lots of pictures. 2. hangs while loading on wifi or 3g. the hang causes a PAUSE of the phone for .... a few seconds sometimes up to 10+ seconds. this is annoying.

how do you rate the web browser on the n97?