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Installation (debranded (product code change) T-Mo UK device) went flawlessly. The RAM increase is tremendous - I was able to run Web, Music Player, Messaging, Opera Mini, Wireless Keyboard, Camera (!!!) and some other, smaller apps at the same time and still had some 8M RAM left. This would have been unbelievable under the prev RAM versions. In addition, Web's memory consumption seems to be lowered quite a bit - I haven't run into image loading problems and even the pages in the history were rendered promptly, without reloading from the network.

The "hissing" problem seems to be fixed to some degree. Now, the background noise seems to be a LOT less (but still present).

There is a MAJOR generic speedup. For my forthcoming Windows Mobile & Symbian Multimedia Bible, I've thoroughly measured reading all the MP3 tags in a well-defined, huge (about 1.5GB) WMA+MP3 collection. While Music Player, in the previous ROM version, needed 4 minutes to parse and store all of them, the new version "only" needs three minutes to do the same. While better players under WinMo are about 3 times faster but I'm still very happy with the results because the sheer size and the vastly superior A2DP quality makes the N95 much better a music player if you have A2DP headphones not really compatible with the MS BT stack on WinMo (for example, all Plantronics Pulsar-models).

I'll also check the CorePlayer video playback benchmarks to see whether there have been any improvements in there.

The camera app is indeed MUCH faster.

I like the two N-Gage demos. Too bad it seems Alpha 3 doesn't make use of the 3D hardware acceleration (it's pretty much pixelizated, not the fastest and uses low-quality textures). It surely deserves 3D acceleration support - even when the vast majority of the Next Gen Nokia N-Gage platform-compatible devices don't have hardware support for this. The Fifa game, on the other hand, is MUCH better than any MIDlet-based Java game I've ever tried on the platform.

I'm (a Windows Mobile enthusiast, a Microsoft MVP, the Nominations Manager at Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine so I've come from the "other" side and also pretty much know everything Windows Mobile) ABSOLUTELY sold on the new upgrade and the present usability degree of the N95. Windows Mobile device device manufacturers should take some lessons from Nokia on designing a very solid device. HTC's (the major, leading WinMo device manufacturer), lately, has released far less stellar models. Let me, for example, mention the various problems (video unoptimizations, which means it's almost useless for seamless gaming and playing back video files anything over the standard, transcoded QVGA size; the lack of support for 3D hardware acceleration; the lack of call recording; no stereo speakers; no decent camera; huge (190g) weight etc.) of the HTC Kaiser (AT&T Tilt).