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I know *Exactly* how you feel!! And I am so sorry you are experiencing this ultimately vexing problem - especially for people like us that take the time to learn new technology and like everything to be "just so".

It clearly is a bigger problem then just Nokia and just 3650. I have sceen a few (not many) of other brand Symbian OS phones that have the exact same turn off problem.

If it helps....

My 4th nokia 3650 arrived last week and it reports the following firmware info:

V 3.16 05-20-2003 NHL-8

Everything including video & sound is working ok. So far the phone has run for 6 days without turning off. T-Mobile also sent me a different battery so now I have 2 Batteries. If it works ok and the turn off problem has gone away then I probably won't do anything except leave well enough alone.

ps - I am thinking about making a simple web page where everyone with the turn off problem (esp on Nokia phones and esp on 3650/60/20's etc can log info and be in contact to make a complaint with Nokia. It's going to hurt their business if left unchecked. People like us are the ~ 2% of cell phone users that take on the considerable tech and time challenge to learn these phones and test them.

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