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My Nokia 3650 Turns off - Turns itself off

My Nokia 3650 Turns itself off too. It runs the symbian OS and I have sceen various Symbian OS phones with the same problem including freezing.

I contacte T-Mobile today - I'm still under warranty - and they said if I have 2 warranty exchanges within 90 days I am elgible to trade to a different but equilivant model. I'm on my 3rd 3660 (with two different batteries) and still have the same issue. I believe the issue has something to do with Symbian but info does not flow and may people even at tmobile repair and nokia claim to never have even heard of this wide spread problem.

Everyone universally says the same things: It's probably the battery, or it is lose - No it is NOT the battery folks. I own 5 nokia cellphones and have a fried with a 4 yr old samsung where the battery lasts only 10 minutes on a call!! An that phone never just shuts itself off while on the shelf or plugged into the charger - lol. It's not the battery - so lets look elsewhere for the problem ok?

Good luck.

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