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Originally Posted by Arny View Post
I am no expert but when I got my N95 I did quite a lot of research on this issue.

My understanding is that the 16hr charge does not apply to Li-Ion batteries and really only applies to older technology that has a memory effect.

It is true that if Li-Ion batteries discharge too much they will be permanently damaged but in good quality batteries such as Nokia branded ones there is circuitry that prevents this happening and shuts the battery down before the voltage gets too low.

I understand the recommendation for Li-Ion batteries is charge when ever you want and as often as you want. Neither do you have to fully charge nor fully discharge to get the best performance. They have no memory effect.

I know that there is much confusion over this issue and I am sure that many reading this will disagree but that is my understanding.
i second this one... lithium batterries are great for such devices because of the charge/discharge flexibility of this chemical. mine only needs an hour to charge fully and i get a day and a half use out of it. i've owned my n95 for 3 weeks now