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Ah, um, slitch, that is only when it's in 100% optimal conditions. I have free access to the 3GS (or rather, I bully my friends into lending me use their phones quite often) and I NEVER ever bother using the camera for still or video when it's a sunny day and I'm outdoors. Otherwise the captured image becomes very noisy, to the extent that I will just delete the file on the spot.

A sort of proof (but the files aren't with me, however) : My friend and I took a picture from the same spot (well, side by side, actually) and I used my old 5700XM, and him his 3GS (we were taking pictures for a project, then I thought about comparison WHILE doing the project, hence this 'showdown'.) It was indoors and the lighting was average, and oddly, even though the 3GS has more detail due to the 3.2MP camera, the amount of noise was worse. :S