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Talking Maps Ver 2.0 A spot of bother.....

Afternoon Guys,

My situation is this, I have a Classic N95 which came preloaded with Maps 1.0. I upgraded to Maps 2.0, had my free trial and decided that it wasn't worth paying for however it was useful for a few other things like positioning and working out routes and general incar entertainment lol

I decide to use it from home to work the other day and as you know you have a red dot which is your current position and if you don't put a destination in, it is quite interesting to look at. (Sad I know lol )

I was driving along when suddenly the Map stopped!!. If I zoom out, then it picks up the major routes etc but if I try to zoon to street level, where you get the street names etc I just get a light green screen and the red dot!?! I have no idea why. In my App manager, it shows Nokia maps as "not installed". I have re installed it 3 times, once to my memory card and twice to the phone but still no joy.

Is this just the way the "free" Maps 2.0 works or is my phone bolloxed