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i jus sold my 7months old e61i...

although i loved my e61i but the slowness of the device (menu, gallery, msg,etc) really bug me like crazy...example, when u open messages (even with hardly any msgs stored), you have to look somewhere else for few seconds then look back at the screen, or worst when you open gallery, i takes ages!

believe me, i've tried ALL form of optimization methods (including those mentioned in this article), i even went as far as resizing all my gallery pics to 320x240pixels, deleting all msgs in inbox, barebone theme w/o wallpaper, hard reset every once awhile, etc, etc.

but, i had enough.

i jus bought n82 for USD420, and the diff is amazing, the snappiness of n82, the killer camera, the quality of the pictures, the DVD movie recording, all the goodies of Nseries, the smaller but 'crispier' screen (weird, i know), the You-can-open-70apps-at-the-same-time-without-any-problem size of memory..i don't see any good reason why we should deprive ourselves from this goodness with little bit of extra money and sticking with a snail-paced and underpowered e61i...