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I am having a lot of difficulty finding the right radio app. I have been listening to my favorite ShoutCast radio station using TuneWiki. However, they recently removed this station from the directory (apparently to force users to use their official app on iphone and android for the sake of ad revenue, but don't have one for symbian yet), so I can't use TuneWiki anymore. I am now back to using the "S60 Internet Radio" app (the beta version of the Nokia Radio App from their labs), but I am not happy about it, because it has no control on the volume and often misbehaves (sometimes the volume is very low for no reason).

Looking at alternatives, I can play this specific station using Real Player, but it is buggy. E.g., after the device autolocks, its UI becomes unresponsive (i.e., after unlocking the screen, I can no longer control it). The other issue is that if the app goes into the background, it will stop playing, so I have to keep it always in the foreground. I was hoping the "Nokia Internet Radio" in the OviStore will serve me better, but it gets an error during the launch, in fact there is not even an icon for it (I can only try to launch from the OviStore app). CorePlayer is also not an option for me, since it is not supported on s60 v5.

Which other app would support playing from an arbitrary stream? If it supports mms and realaudio streams, it is a bonus. I am using 5530, if that matters.

Update: Just to clarify, I already tried Shazam, Mundu and Mobbler, but neither has a way to play radio streams.

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