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Originally Posted by riverboat View Post
Yeah, but the N97 might actually be fixed by the time the Mini comes out.

The mini also loses the joystick thingy, but that is of concern to me.

Does the mini have a smaller screen though. And what is it going to retail at.

Might be the ideal time to buy the N97!
Well, yes, if the joypad is a must have, then you will not get that on the Mini. The screen is physically smaller, but only by a small amount. It has the same resolution though.

Nokia are listing it at 429

Buying an N97 now will mean you not have any problems with the lens or GPS that the very early models had and with v20 firmware allegedly due this weekend (Sunday in Europe) you will have the same firmware that the Mini will have, plus the added bonus of a 32GB internal storage too
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