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Originally Posted by Rafe View Post
If you have any questions about the Nokia N78 please let me know and I (or someone else) will do our best to get them answered.


Links of Interest:
N78 Gallery
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Nokia N79 Problem : Sometime when I press middle button for contacts it says "No Contacts" and sometime it shows all my 500 plus contact list. Why it happens sometimes and why not always? And what is the remedy? Secondly, when I receive a call it displays only number and not the name, even though the name of the person calling is feeded in the contact list, and sometime it comes with the name. I have checked no double entry name is feeded in my mobile with same number. I have saved all my 10 digit contact's mobile numbers in 10 digit format only. For eg. the 10 digit mobile number 9352647801 should be fed with this : +919352647801? (I am in India). Kindly reply.

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