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Hi there,

This worked for me. Have used this on N95 and N97 mini. havnt had to do it for a while. The files may be in a different place on th N97 mini. You may have to search for them. It works for music and podcasts. If you cant do it, you could put the music back in and delete it again.

* Firstly, connect your phone to a PC via USB.
* Choose Data Transfer (a.k.a. Mass Storage). Do not select PC Suite because you won’t be able to browse protected folders in PC Suite mode.
* Open Windows Explorer on your PC.
* Go to \private\101FFC31 on the phone’s folder.
* There, you should be able to find the mpxv1.mpd (for MP3) and pcv5.mpd (for AUDIO PODCAST)
* Goto \private\101f8857\Cache
* Goto \private\101ffca9
* In all the 3 folders delete all the files Not the FOLDER
* Now refresh ur music library