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Originally Posted by snoFlake View Post
Excellent guide

Ian to update maps (I've already downloaded full Europe maps in the Maps 3.xx rel) do you have to delete all your exisiting maps or is there a update feature (haven't tried doing it under Ovi suite)?
Have you downloaded the the latest Ovi Maps prog, v3.03, to your handset?

If not, I can thoroughly recommend it. You can get it here:-

As for updating the Maps data itself, I prefer to start afresh by deleting "cities" and "qf" and just re-downloading the required map data.

There was, I remember, a Maps Updater app for the PC which I cannot seem to find on the Nokia site now, although it is available here:-

However, I could never get it to work I'm afraid. I don't know if anyone else has tried it.

Hope this helps.
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