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Not an inconvenient truth to me. I'm not supporting the megapixel myth, you understand? How big and high do the letters have to be for you to comprehend that fact? Maybe my army of 'straw men' are getting in the way?

Sorry if asking if anyone has actually seen an image from the Pixon 12 and forgive me if you find my asking as another small pile of rubble on my 'mountain of irrelevance'.

Very generous of you to say too given your exalted position as 'unregistered', I am deeply honoured you even address me

But given that this whole thread was sparked by that phone in question I feel it is somewhat relevant.

I promise I'll remove the wheels from my goalposts so can you keep up. Perhaps then you could give a straight answer without parroting what's gone before or rattling back on about the megapixel myth.