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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I don't see any relevance in that. The vast majority of buyers are suckers and will lap it up, that's precisely why the manufacturers do it. But.....more MegaPixels does not necessarily a good picture make. Regardless of manufacturer. The MegaPixel race has already been debunked in the digital camera world for savvy people. AAS has offered this article as a heads up for phone camera users, but it seems most are not yet ready for the truth, but instead prefer the simplistic formula.

Somebody posted that it would be good to have a set of standard tests that can objectively grade the image quality in a variety of conditions from a production sample unit. That would focus the manufacturers on image quality instead of just numbers.
OK as a 'savvy person', where the 'N86 12MP' produced a demonstratively better image than the N86 8MP in all conditions, you would choose the 8MP?