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How to get Gmail to work with the 5800, including notification of new mails

I've managed to get Gmail's POP and IMAP services to work fine with my 5800's Messaging application, including notification of new e-mails when they arrive (or within a few minutes).

However, if you are having problems here are some possible solutions:

- Set up your phone's Gmail mailbox correctly. Click here to see our tutorial on using e-mail on the 5800 and follow its instructions exactly.

- Make sure you have activated POP or IMAP on your Gmail account. You can do this via the website on your PC, log in, go to "Settings" and then select the "IMAP/POP" tab. When you've chosen your POP or IMAP settings, select the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the screen.

- If you're using automatic retrieval, make sure you've set it up correctly using the tutorial link above. Note that the "E-mail Notification" option should be DISABLED if you want to be told about new e-mails automatically Yes, DISabled. I know that sounds back to front, but that's how it works.

Here's what the settings page should look like if you want to set up automatic retrieval (obviously you can alter the retrieval interval if you want):