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Smile ripping dvds

ripping dvds

on mac osx

on winxp
a combination of dvd shrink and videora

and when you get a disk with deliberate bad sectors to foul up dvd ripping software. ripit4me which creates the dvd files on your hard drive without the errors.

i rip all my dvds. i also get downloaded shows which go straight to my ipod. as soon as the dvd is available i buy it. so they aren't losing a sale by my ripping dvds.

occasionaly i'll be handed a pirated movie. if i like it i will buy it. was given serenity and bought the dvd and firefly the tv series so piracy made 2 sales in that case.

i have viewed the files on the e71 and it works ok but the battery life is drained very fast when using it for video. i do rip files so that they are viewable on a full sized screen and that might be the cause as it shifts 150mb of data for a 30 minute tv show. love big bang theory. can't be arsed with having a small copy for my nokia and a large copy for my mac etc. the ipod handles them ok. it also handles that i rip for wide screen and it shows just a tv sized section of it.

of course i'm now looking at getting 2 tb drives for my storage as i've filled every hard disk at home and a few at work.