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Here's my findings about video converting this weekend.. It's great to convert divx into this little wonder that is 5800.

You can download a FREE software here:

Yes, it says iPod converter but it can convert to 5800 too.
All you need to do is:

Open the program folder, than the Profiles folder. Once there you'll find a MP4 profile.xml file. Edit it in Note pad, and simply add this profile parameters:

<Name>5800xm Highest Quality (MPEG4, 30 fps, 640x360; AAC - 192KBit)</Name>

Then save the file with the same name. (You may experience some troubles in Windows vista with permissions control, but you can manage it by changing permissions in the main folder)

after this is done, just go to the program, choose the file and on the parameters, choose Mp4. You'll then be prompted with a Nokia 5800 profile.
The resultas are superb,. Really, really impressive. The video will play in Real player with much better results than the Batman trailer the phone is packed with. Believe me.

If only I could solve my problem with subtitles... And I'd be in heaven!!

PS: I got this tutorial from Dailymobile forum.
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