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Originally Posted by mohammed06 View Post

I Have Nokia E71, i have a problem in connecting my mobile with computer..

when i connect the usb cable from pc to my mobile , I can see the option in my mobile as shown below.

Select Pc Mode.

PC Suite.
Mass Storage.
Media Transfer.
Print Media.

After i Select any option there . my mobile is not been detecting in my PC .

I have tried selecting all the options but no response from the PC.

I tried restoring My phone for factory settings also then also there is no response.

Also I tried *#7370# that too not helped me..

Get Me some Solution, That will be great full..
Hi, have you fixed it? I am having the same problems as you with firmware 110.07.127: 09/10/2008 : RM-346 : E71.1.
I tried any possible way to update and no chance.
It is working fine but the Internet Radio is not working at all. Maybe with newest firmware it will work.
There are any changes in the latest firmware, in terms of functionality? It is working any better? Any added features?