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stay away from ovi

stay away from Ovi Suite, it crashes and the home screen is retarded. I just downloaded it and my fairly new laptop isn't able to run it, it always crashes. Ever since I have installed Ovi Suite I've only had problems with syncing, Nokia PC suite was much more stable.

Nokia is dropping the ball left and right, as a Nokia user I am very disappointed and don't feel I will buy an other Nokia phone for a while. Nokia is great at building phones but the software part is just so outdated or incapable to functioning correctly, it's like they have no good people over there who know software very well. They should just jump on to the Android bandwagon although they aren't that good either but if Nokia can work with them I'm sure it would improve Android by a lot, but this stuff Nokia brings out is just so low quality software that it really hurts me seeing them lose this thing out.