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I think the podcasters and reporters should have a wider view of things.
Just to give another perspective, I'm down in the tiny island of Singapore. I'm using an E71, on contract for 2 years. My monthly bill is US$24 and I get 100 minutes outgoing, totally free incoming, 500 free sms. Oh, and by the way, incoming and outgoing includes voice and video calls.

If I choose to upgrade now, (and I can soon, after 20 months into the contract -- which is how long I've been enjoying my E71!) I can get a Nokia N97 mini, with a new contract, at US$360. Oh, and I have a 3G data plan (up to 1G a month) at US$7.

Try getting this kind of prices in US....
I don't know about the US, but that would be expensive in Europe. And incoming calls are free and always have been. If I had to start paying for them then I would stop picking up calls.