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E61 and CR-47 in-car handsfree problems CARK-126

I've just installed the CR-47 handsfree holder for the E61 in my Mini and connected the antenna, replacing a previous holder (CARK-126) for smaller 6100 pop port Nokia. However, now when the E61 is firmly in the holder it charges but when making a call does not automatically turn the radio off and go through the car speaker system etc, so you can't talk to the other caller. But if I put my old Nokia into the CR-47 it works beautifully.

Could there be a problem with the setup of my E61 which is preventing connection?

What is "Active Diverts" and how do I switch them off if I need to?

There is also an indicator in the top righthand corner of the screen - a tray with an arrow pointing upwards. What does this mean, I can't find it in the manual?

I don't see how Nokia can sell this cradle for the E61 with a Pop-Port interface when it won't intereact with the handsfree functions except for charging.

Thanks guys!