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Strange batery indications

As you gues from the post my nokia X6 batery indicator has some strange problems as you can see from shoots below:

As you can see on the upper right corner you see that batery is full

well now see what my application downloaded from ovi store have to say about my batery:

ANd gues what that app is you can see i only got 8min to go so hot to check that?
well i conected to internet and went to youtube started clip and after 5 min of playing vid i recived warning message that betery level is to low as you can see from next shoot:

after 2 min the phone shuted down.and i have to recharge gues what would hapen if i had to go to at home i would say oh look he is full after 15 min out of my house i would try to open messaging but i would found that he is why is this happening???