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i8510 camera shutter keeps sticking

after 2 repairs on my i8510 for dust i now find the camera shutter sticks like hell !.it seems to want to remain open and wont close.i've used a dab of isopronol on a cotton bud but you can see it trying to close but it cant.

sometimes randomly it will shut so its making me think , whatever motor it uses to shut is failing.i always carry the phone in a leather protector pouch and its never taken a bang.

anyone else had this problem ?, seems like mines on its way back to the repair shop.also , will the swap the phone now that its on its 3rd repair ?.

(added) ;-
also , the auto focus on the camera will randomly not work even after selecting " AF " on the set up the pictures are blurred.then magically it will work then stop again.
totally had enough of this phone. in 12 months this will be the 3rd repair.

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