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Originally Posted by atcmonke View Post
I don't if anyone has tried this, I always thought that I had to lock/unlock the phone with top left button and function key. I missed the good o top left and * key from the E61. I finally figured out how you could do this on the E71. You have to get out of the Applications Shortcut area to area under it and then try pressing Top Left button + * key. Much easier on the thumb. Had this phone for 4 days so far. LOVING the battery life.
Most Nokia users are used to the left soft touch key followed by the * which is generally in the lower left corner on most phones. So, if you're used to that sequence the way I am, it also still exists on the E71. Top left 'soft touch' key followed by quick press of the triangle looking key in the lower left corner also produces a lock and unlock function. Top left bottom left. Easy as that. You're way works too but I would spend too long looking for the * in the middle of all the keys. I can lock it w/o even looking at the phone using top left bottom left.

Now I need to find an autolock program from this phone. I had one for the E70 and am not sure if it's the same one or not. Haven't had time to look.