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This is solved by cranking the date back on the phone, so that the certificate is within date (they used to only last a year).

In other news, I'm seeing a bug with Web, where the Wlan remains active after I quit everything and stop wlan scan. Web won't then work, since it can't reconnect the wlan. A quick off-on solves this, but it is annoying.
I had tried this, but kept getting another error. Anyway, I set the date to the date that I received the email with my reg. code, and this worked. However, now that I can start Best Safe, all of my laboriously entered password data has gone missing. I'm going to email the producers of this app, but I am amazed/disappointed/stunned that a full backup and restore appears to be nothing of the sort. How can various apps (Best Safe, Crypto, Cute Keys and even Nokia Maps) simply disappear after the resore??

I must admit that this is my first Nokia FW upgrade, and I only ever did one upgrade with my P910i, so maybe this sort of thing is not unknown to those with more experience, but I would have expected that following the upgrade instructions to the letter would have given me a phone with new FW and ALL of my apps and data as they had been...