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Text Mode High Performance

Perhaps your performance gains come from clearing up memory while reflashing the device. My E90 becomes slower and slower as it is used more and acquires more data. The camera is ridiculously slow. I am begging Canon to turn one of their cameras into a Linux phone because as great as Nokia is, the camera is too slow.

Still no Linux kernel, no GNU utilities, no ext2 filesystem, so the device remains a real clunker for offline browsing of mirrored web sites. (The cost of surfing online with the slowest available GPRS using prepaid is still at a level that only a Saudi prince can afford so offline browsing is the only option on this device)

HTC has a 400MHz clamshell slider that looks competitive but the Winblows Mobile 6 software is even worse than S60.

It would be easier to carry around a much bigger device than to have to carry around an E90 and an N810 and a Canon but at least the N810 lets you format cards as ext2 which is essential for large web site mirroring. Using text based browsers and BASH shell is an excellent solution to the slow processor speed. They waste valuable keyboard space with an inefficient D-pad. Busybox is a poor substitute for the full software with complete man pages but usually it is easy to apt-get the original programs.

The Nokia N810 is the best device Nokia has ever produced. Billions of these devices should be distributed to children in the third world so that they learn Linux, lest they grow up stupid and think the way to wealth is by looting and stealing and invading.