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Hi all,

Well i was running V200.34.73 using an APAC code and although on checking 0533332 which is the UK Mocha Generic code it said no update was available. I changed my code back anyway and running NUS in Windows XP SP2 comparability it did in fact upgrade with no problems.

I also have to agree with the other poster as using a PiZero theme i was having slight screen flashes and the getting kicked out of the Web browser problem. Since going back to a Nokia theme both of these problems stopped.

Maybe those having problems should chose one of the installed default themes and see if it also makes a difference or not.

It's only been a few hours now since i flashed and reinstalled all my apps and synched with Outlook but it seems even quicker than with the previous Firmware and so far no problems at all, it all seems good to me lets hope it stays that way.