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PIM functionality

A great device! But I cannot understand either, why Nokia can put so much stuff into the device and cannot at the same time include a decent PIM therein.

Times have changes and now it no longer is enough to have a PIM functionality on board. Business people like me expect that with the business device like e90 they will be able to take their Outlook (or whatever other PIM they use) out of the office. And it seems, they can't!

It is far beyound my comprehension, how e.g. E61 can be called a business device, while one cannot see notes attached to the tasks in Outlook on the device...

That is why a number of my colleagues decided not go for e61. Others decided not to go for 9300 or 9500 because they supported Outlook synchronisation so poorly! They all chose blackberries (although they can much less than the nokias, but they allow you to have your outlook with you anywhere) or WM5.

Despite that I have been a convinced Nokia and Communicator fan for years now, I am constantly tempted by WM5/6 devices. Not because they are smaller etc. But because they offer far better synchronisation with a PC than the nokias. So far, I resisted, but if the E series does not catch up the right direction - which is seemless integration with PC and Outlook - I think I will finally give up.

I already decided that I would by the E90, but after having read the review, doubts arose in me. Shall I spend almost EUR 1k and suffer another two years or more with a poor PIM, which does not help me save my time... Maybe it is time that I switched to WM6 instead...