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Large is Good!

Skagen -I think you may have miss intepreted Rafe's point about keyboard size. I think he was talking about full qwerty keyboards with individual keys as opposed to thumboards/composites such as M600i.

Of course Nokia could have made the device smaller with a multi tap keyboard or thumboard - and they have - it's called the E61!

The whole point of the device is it's size - yes it needs to be large for the keyboard but this also enables it to have a much larger screen. If you reduce the keyboard the screen would have to get smaller (unless you want a really odd form factor ) and you end up with a clamshell that it neither one thing or another.

Yes it's aimed a niche market but so are (arguably) all smartphones to some extent as no smartphone by definition of it's size and form factor can 'do it all' (what's the right size for some is too small or big for others).

Personally I don't think Nokia are looking backwards with this device at all.
In fact I think this device is in it's infancy -

Let me explain - having owned a variety of Psions, UIQ, 9500 devices but with the loss of my 9500 last year and the end of S80 in sight I didn't want to move to a S60 numeric keypad/thumboard device and strayed to a WM5 TyTN, directly because of the form factor (a qwerty keyboard that wasn't available on any new symbian devices last year) and the fact that WM5 is more of a business and power users OS than S60. (Mostly because it is still more PDA centric bias than S60's phone centric bias).

Like most commentators here I think the S60 interface and PIM functionality is too simple for a keyboarded N90. The N90 (and S60) needs to grow up to support the form factor to it's full capability. Hopefully (as long as the N90 does well) S60 will be developed in this direction and the functionality added for later versions. But I get the feeling that the device is a little under utilised/not pushed to it's full potential in the current release.

It does have new ideas/functionality, not just the 'tacked on' GPS and camera (which will be much better than any of the notoriously bad WM5 cameras!) most notably the fully functional front screen which is not replicated in any other smartphone or OS (even the new WM6 clamshells only have small 'window' displays on the covers ).

I won't be getting one soon (mostly as I have a year to go on my current contract and have now invested time and money in WM5 programs). By that time I may well be tempted by the N90i or N91. Although by that may be more than a year away in the shops) but then the competition and WM6 may have caught up?

Either way certainly a cool device and exciting times!

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