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I have spoken my piece in the forumon the shocking lack of PIM category syncing in S60 3rd and this device once again underlines the question as to whether Nokia really gets what Business users wants, or is it just making a matador pass at the job. That one remains unfixed.

But also, to the writers Rafe and Steve, you said:

However you are going to be hard pressed to make this particular from factor any smaller or lighter without sacrificing a great deal of usability
I would diagree with this. We could easily look to Symbian ex-partner Sony Ericsson's M600i for outstanding example a small, highly tactile keybaord, packed in a smaller space. That keybaord is proven for speed, accuracy and durability - works well one or two handed and is designed for a mobile environment.

Surely Nokia could have taken a tilt at that? Llicence that SE keyboard, or make something like it, add a few keys and the directional pad and you probably take at least a quarter of the bulk off the device, maybe even a third. Much smaller device, you've actually created value beyond the past and injected the same mass-relevance to this clamshell category that the E61 did to its own format.

But instead, we get this device, unnecesarily large - and therefore heavy. The E90 looks like a decent device for what it is: arguably a yesterday type device with a few modern do-dads tacked on. But too bound by the size, concept and framework of the past 9xxxx devices, rather than driving them forward.

Adding a GPS chip and 3MP camera in a PDA is not exactly an earth shattering step - Win mobile has beaten that one to death for years already. But changing the dimensions of usability and size, on the other hand, would be hugely useful and creative.

Some may say I'm being harsh, but for the high price Nokia are charging, the expectations should be equally high - and they should be located in the next decacade, not the pastone.

Also, if done well enough, and sized right, then this device that one might have normally expect to be only "niche" appeal, could suddenly take on relevance for the mass market, without losing its value to the initial niche.

Isnt that what marketing and product development is all about? Or should we yet again sit around and wait for Apple jump in and do the obvious, then claim it is an "innovator", while the incumbents have sat around fat dumb, happy and not really trying? Just a question.

I really like Nokia, but too often their ambition and creativity seem to be AWOL, yet they have all the tools and resources. I dont get it.

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