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Personally it addresses my user needs and solves the dilemma I had with N95. N95 is as (if not more) full-featured converged smartphone but lack decent qwerty keyboard and battery life due to its small size. I don't mind the E90's size and weight (still fit in my big pockets/hands).
Now compared to my current E61, E90 adds a seemingly very good camera (as N73, that's quite incredible) and the killer 800pixel width internal screen.
I don't know about you, web browsing is quite comfortable on the E61, but I gave up editing/visualing word/powerpoint/excel files as there is no way to get a good overall page/slide/sheet idea of the result, I hope that with E90's 800x352 internal screen, this will become possible. Maybe you've already sent the E90 back to Nokia, but I would love to see screenshot of Quickoffice on the E90 internal screen.
Thanks for great preview!