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May I have the honour of posting the 1st comment?

Many thanks, Rafe & Steve, for the excellent and well balanced first-hand review.
As a Psioneer, I did miss on the Communicator 9500/9300 generation, as they were lacking too much of the Psion 5mx functionality.
Now the E90 is ever further away in that respect, quite likely dumber in its OS... but it looks like a much better "Communicator"!
I will probably buy one, and use it happily for the use its name implies, while hoping that the recent rumours about a super-portable Apple Macbook Pro prove true by the end of this year.

May be there is (some) peace looming in the future on the Psion vs Communicator debate, by hoping that truer "computing" platforms might be offered again in super-portable form factors.
Granted, the efficiency of the original Epoc OS will be missed, and the "Robinson Crusoe" experience of mobile computing on a small Psion will not be replaced by more modern platforms, much as I am an devote Apple cult member.
Recognising that "Communicators" are not meant to be mini laptops, but that they are also, if not first and foremost, phones, will help cast them in a rosier light.
And, as far as phones go, the E90 looks an impressive one!

Congratulations again for the excellent job,

Regards, F