Thread: N8 or E7 ?
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I buy it from my service provider. I will get it very cheap if I keep my current contract so it is a very good deal. The drawback is that they do not have the N8 in stock because the demand is quite low. I have to wait 1 week max 2 to get my hands on it.

Why did I go N8?

1. Price. It is cheaper than the E7.
2. It has the expansion slot. The E7 does not so, if I want to add another 16GB or , heck, 32 GB I can.
3. The camera and the auto-focus option. Bad Nokia for putting that 8 mp without auto focus on E7.
4. The E7 is not a pure communicator device.
5. Package content on the E7. Why did they remove all those cables??