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N85 charging problem: "Unplug.." message appears right after plugging in

Hello everybody,

This is the latest quirk that the N85 is throwing at me in order to keep me from becoming bored with it. A few days ago the phone was low on battery so I connected it to the already plugged in charger. Nothing happened that indicated charging had started. I reconnected the phone to the charger a few times, and I finally get the "Charging..." screen, but right after that the "Unplug charger to save energy" message appeared. I fiddled with the charger's jack for a while and there seemed to be no in&out contact, like when the jack or the plug is somehow damaged.

Interestingly enough, when connecting the phone to my PC through the USB cable, charging is done normally.

Today it was time for another recharge, and the same thing happened with the charger. I tried several electrical sockets in the house but the result was the same: whenever Charging appears on the screen, it is immediately followed by the Unplug Charger screen.

Has anybody else experienced this with their phone? The problem might not be restricted to just the N85. Anticipated thanks for any replies.